A diary of all the small press and related events that I have visited since March 2005. Also some reviews of small press comics will be included.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Web & Mini Comics Thing 2005

Going to London is always a bit of an adventure to this country lad, and this weekend was no exception. I got the National Express for just 18 pounds return, and arrived two hours early at 3pm.
I phoned Andy Richmond on my mobile to see if he fancied a drink (check out Andy's comic 'Dusk' it rocks!) and we met up with a few other folk at 5pm.
We had a great night and I started to feel the effects of 1.60 a pint by 11pm. This sort of set the tone for the rest of the weekend really.
The next morning I awoke with a post toxication shudder at 7.30 am and set off for the Web & Mini Comics Thing 2005.
The new venue was much easier to find, and I spotted Dave Baillie walking down Mile End and decided to follow as he knows where he's going just living round the corner.
I caught up with him, and said hi.
We entered the venue pretty late and we were pleasenty surprised to see a packed hall with a buzzing atmosphere and bustling activity.
Wow. I was speachless for a second. Was this a small press event? The attendence was much better than the previous year, and the orgasier - Pat Findlay - seemed to really have everything sorted, and I almost didn't recognise him without his trademark beard.
The exhibitors (43 of them) were varied, and many of them were totaly new to the scene.
Business was good for most, Dave sold out of everything he brought along, and I believe he wasn't the only one.
I just couldn't get over how successful the event looked, and how positive everyone was. This made me realise the self publishing scene is really just getting into it's stride, this isn't a boom, it's a phenomenon!
After the event I met up with Barry Renshaw, Leon Hewitt, Dave, Dal Worrow and many others for a drink and some heated debates of various relevence and seriousness which sorted of morphed into laddish banter by the 8th pint of Guiness.
After some arm twisting at closing time Dave, Barry, Leon and myself went back to Dave's for more banter and JD and Coke.
I must admit that things got a bit blurry after that until I awoke of Dave's sofa the next morning.
I made it back to my hotel in time for breakfast , and set off back to sunny Shropshire.

I had a fantastic weekend, and met up with some old friends and made some new ones. In how many industries do your customers and clients become such great friends? I can't think of many.
I am so much looking forward to next years event, which I think should just be called "THING 2006."